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To new uni students - welcome! To returning uni students - welcome back! At Reading Buses, we are here to help you easily navigate around town and uni.

Meet your awesome uni buses

Your buses run on a super frequent service - up to every 7 minutes! 
Great value fares! See which student fare works for you
The claret 21 runs 24/7 between the campus and town centre. They’re fully equipped with free superfast WiFi so you can send snaps and           watch funny cat videos on your way to Uni! 
We’re also mixing up uni bus travel with our claret Spritzer buses running on the 21a route - we’ve gone a bit bonkers! Check out our                Spritzer
There are other buses that take you to nearby halls, find out which bus to catch
Going somewhere else? Our colour-coded buses make it easier for you to get where you need to be. and help you find the right bus                     Click here to have a look at our bus routes

The app!

See your bus – always know where your bus is. Relax, it’s coming.
Get live times – chill a little longer in bed and still get to your bus on time. Why wait?
Buy your ticket – cheapest prices guaranteed
Plan your journey – don’t get lost on your way to town or campus!
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