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A big warm welcome to all new and returning students at the University of Reading! We know it can be daunting when you move to an area that you don't know but at Reading buses we are here to help you navigate around the town and take away the worry of how you will get to and from lectures....or the Students' Union!

What do I need to know?

Our buses are colour-coded to match their destinations, this makes it easier for everyone to navigate our network.


You will mainly be using our claret numbered 21 & 21a which give you an ultra frequent service between the University campus and the town centre all day & night. Other buses take you to nearby halls, find out which bus to catch here.

You will need the exact money as our drivers don't carry change - but you can avoid this hassle by getting a simplyUni smartcard. This can save you 40p on every journey! Click here to find the best deal for you.

You can also download the Reading Buses app on your phone to buy mobile tickets, plan your journey and get live info across our network.

Meet your awesome uni buses

Our clarets are predominately designed for students and staff at the University and combine to give you a service of up to every 7 minutes! They are our latest fuel efficient buses meeting the stringent Euro 6 emission standard. All of these stylish buses run directly onto campus, so no need to worry about getting on the wrong bus! 

Claret 21 runs 24/7

Hop on the bus any time of day or night! The claret 21 are equipped with free superfast WiFi so you can send snaps and watch funny cat videos on your way to Uni!

Claret Spritzer (21a)

The claret spritzer buses for the 21a route are the 'coolest buses in the world!' With three upstairs zones including an honesty library, free Wi Fi, USB charging points, games and a jukebox, it's the fun way to travel to and from campus! Find out more...

More information 

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