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It's nearly the new school year and we know you are keen to know what is happening for the new academic year from September. 

As you may know, we have provided school transport to Theale Green and Little Heath Schools for many years now. Until last year the services were operated on behalf of The Green Bus Company but in July 2015 that arrangement came to an end. Since that date we have been negotiating to take over the routes and have continued to provide the service on an interim basis for the current academic year.

the new year

We are pleased to confirm that we will continue to run the LH and TG buses to these schools from September 2016 - and this will be under our own brand of "silverstars".  You will still be able to buy your child's bus travel online (with Direct Debit options for academic year passes), track your child's bus and sign up for text alerts. The change will come in pricing and sales as this will all now be done through us.

Click here to go to our silverstars microsite to get all the latest information, including buying your pass online.

routes and times

To help consistency, most of the routes and times will be unchanged from last year. There will still be the same number of buses to Little Heath and Theale Green as well as the buses that we introduced last year to Chiltern Edge. We have now produced our silverstars microsite, which gives you full route details including a clickable map of bus stops with 'real-time' bus information so you know exactly when your child's bus is due.

Click here to go to the silverstars site

fares and tickets

There will be some changes to how you buy your tickets and some of the offers that were present under The Green Bus will no longer be in place. 

There will no longer be the following:

  • Early-bird discount
  • Sibling discount
  • Sixth form two-year discount
  • Am or pm only passes

This is due to us adopting a simpler pricing structure based on the headline fare for each school. 

The good news is that the price has been held for 2016/17 renewals and there is no longer a premium for paying for an annual pass by Direct Debit.  

There are two types of passes - 'silverstars' passes, which allow travel only on the silverstars services to the designated school, and 'silverstars plus' passes, which include travel on all other bus services in the simplyReading zone.  

Within these, you will be able to buy either an academic year pass (valid from the beginning of the Autumn Term until the end of the Summer Term, including during Christmas and Easter Holidays and the Half Term Breaks) or a termly pass - which only cover the period from the start to the end of each Term.

Click here to buy your silverstars passes.

special single fare offer - first two weeks of term 

We appreciate that there have been some issues with us getting our information out to parents, therefore we are offering a reduced single fare for the first two weeks of term – this will be £1 on Little Heath and Chiltern Edge silverstars buses and £1.50 on the Theale Green silverstars buses. 

passes and prices:

Chiltern Edge

   termly  academic year
 silverstars pass  £105  £305
 silverstars plus pass  £135  £395

Please note, these passes are only valid for use on the Chiltern Edge buses (921, 922, 923) and are not valid on the Little Heath or Theale Green buses. 

Little Heath

   termly  academic year
 silverstars pass  £120  £350
 silverstars plus pass  £160  £460

Please note, these passes are only valid for use on the Little Heath buses (LH 1-4) and are not valid on the Chiltern Edge or Theale Green buses. 

Theale Green

   termly  academic year
 silverstars pass  £140  £400
 silverstars plus pass  £185  £535

Please note, these passes are only valid for use on the Theale Green buses (TG 1-3, 5, 6) and are not valid on the Little Heath or Chiltern Edge buses. 

For other schools, you can still purchase our Solo products as 7, 30, 90 days or academic year.

All annual silverstars passes are available to buy via Direct Debit in ten equal instalments. We are currently finalising our online system and hope to have this operational soon.

If your child loses their pass, the charge for a replacement pass will in future be just £2.00.  The “pass replacement insurance” will no longer be available, as the price for the replacement pass is now much less.

It will still be possible to pay cash fares on the day on silverstars buses. Visit our silverstars site for full details. 

If you have any further questions about the silverstars services please email us on