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Action for improving the morning 26L journey - updated 13 September:

To help combat late running affecting our morning 26L bus to Little Heath School, a duplicate route 26 journey will start tomorrow running as follows:
  • 13 minutes earlier from Reading Station at 7:42am
  • 11 minutes earlier from Coronation Square at 8:02am
  • 7 minutes earlier from Swanholm Gardens at 8:08am 
This then continues to Little Heath at the current 26L times from:
  • Calcot Post Office 8:33am
  • Garston Crescent Summit 8:35am
  • The Water Tower 8:39am
The bus will arrive at Little Heath School as originally planned for 8:45am.

This journey will operate on Little Heath school days for the remainder of the term until our January timetable change, when it will be permanently embedded into our main timetable.


We have always been dedicated to ensuring that we will try our best to get people from where they are  to where they want to go! School travel is no different and we aim to transport school pupils in comfort and safety, at an affordable price, and we welcome them on all of our bus services.

Which schools do we serve?

Our silverstars buses serve five main schools across the Reading area; Bulmershe, Chiltern Edge, Denefield, Little Heath and Theale Green. 

Other schools are served by our ordinary bus services, and we run extra journeys and extend services via schools as required to accommodate pupil travel requirements. If your child attends a different school to those listed above, please consult our network map to see which services run to their school. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to help you.

Changes from September 2017

We’ve made some changes to routes and timetables for the new academic year, which are summarised by school below. For further information, please follow the links below to the dedicated school transport websites available for each school. These incorporate a map of the bus services serving each school and also information on bus fares and how to book. If you're not sure which bus service your child needs to use, there's a handy postcode search that will direct you to your closest bus stop.

Bulmershe School

Orange 12 has been withdrawn and orange 13 and 14 have new, improved timetables to compensate.  The orange 12 journey from Bulmershe School at 3.15pm is renumbered to orange 13 and will use the same route and timetable.
Services 981 and 983 are unchanged.
For route, timetable and fare information, and to buy a smartcard, go to

Chiltern Edge School

Pink 25 and silverstars 921, 922 and 923 will use the same timetable every day of the week. Chiltern Edge School will no longer finish early on a Wednesday, so the earlier departure is removed. There will be no changes to routes, or morning timetables.
For route, timetable and fare information, and to buy a smartcard, go to

Denefield School

The 7.40am sky blue 15 from Central Reading to Denefield School will now leave at 7.35am.
Silverstars LH1 (to/from Pangbourne) will be renumbered to 18S. The timetable in the morning is unchanged. In the afternoons an additional service, numbered 28S, will be available for pupils travelling to Tilehurst Station, Purley and Pangbourne. This bus will leave Denefield School earlier than the LH1 currently does in the afternoon, so pupils in Purley and Pangbourne will be able to get home earlier.
Sky blue 16 and service 991 are unchanged.
For route, timetable and fare information, and to buy a smartcard, go to

Little Heath School

Silverstars LH1, LH2, LH3 and LH4 are withdrawn. They will be replaced by new services 18S, yellow 26L and royal blue 33S.
Silverstars LH1 will be completely replaced by service 18S. The service will operate to a slightly revised timetable, but will follow the same route throughout.
Silverstars LH2 and LH3 will be replaced by royal blue 33S. This service will operate along Carters Rise and then through Southcote, before passing the Meadway Precinct and going through Tilehurst to the school. New Lane Hill will no longer be served; customers are advised to use service royal blue 33 or royal blue 33S from The Meadway.
Silverstars LH4 will be replaced by yellow 26L. This service is part of the yellow 26 route and will follow the normal route, but will be extended from IKEA. The service will travel through Calcot and along Garston Crescent to the school. This service is also an alternative for passengers who previously travelled on silverstars LH2 and LH3 from Southcote, Carters Rise and Calcot Place Drive.
Royal blue 33 is unchanged.
For route, timetable and fare information, and to buy a smartcard, go to

Theale Green School

Silverstars TG1, TG2, TG3, TG5 and TG6 are withdrawn. They will be replaced by services jet black 1S, sky blue 15T, yellow 26T and 28S.
Silverstars TG1 and TG2 will be combined into a new service, numbered 28S. This service will start at Purley Post Office and travel along Long Lane, Overdown Road and Oxford Road, passing Tilehurst Station. It will then pass through Purley, Pangbourne and Tidmarsh to the school.
Passengers travelling on silverstars TG3 from Little Heath Road and Chapel Hill can use the new jet black 1S. Passengers travelling on silverstars TG3 from Langley Hill and Garston Crescent can catch the new sky blue 15T.
Silverstars TG5 will be replaced by jet black 1S. This service will now operate direct along Bath Road (customers in Beansheaf and Southcote should catch service yellow 26T). The service will then run via Water Road and Norcot Junction, before terminating on Little Heath road. The Meadway will no longer be served, but customers will now have the option of sky blue 15T from Usk Road or jet black 1S from Water Road.
Silverstars TG6 will be replaced by yellow 26T.  This service is part of the yellow 26 route and will follow the normal route, but will be extended from IKEA on to Theale Green School. Passengers from Oxford Road can catch service sky blue 15T. Customers from Norcot Junction and Norcot can catch  jet black 1S.
Jet black 1 services from Newbury and Thatcham, and Central Reading, are unchanged.
For route, timetable and fare information, and to buy a smartcard, go to