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jet red

Unfortunately, due to increased competition in Thatcham and Newbury, we are withdrawing the jet red 101 and reducing the jet red 102 to hourly between roughly 10am and 3pm. Jet black will continue to provide half hourly buses between Newbury, the West Berkshire Community Hospital and Thatcham (and of course journeys to/from Reading). We thank all our customers who have been using the jet red buses over the last year and a half.
Click here for the new timetable. 

special introductory fares offer

To celebrate the launch of jet red, we are introducing some brand new fares offers for regular travellers! From our launch date, you can buy a simplyNewbury and Thatcham weekly ticket for just £10! See below for more fares. 

   all day  7 days  30 days
 adult  £4  £10  £40
 boost (18 & under)  £2.50  £7  £28

To find out your single and return fares on jet red, click here

more ways to pay!

We are also giving you more ways to pay on jet red! You can still pay by cash, but why not go smarter with our simplyNewbury and Thatcham smartcards? You can buy and top them up online here.
Have you seen that we have launched our new Kennections app? You can use this to buy simplyNewbury and Thatcham and simplyNetwork mTickets to make it even easier to get around! 

use your own card - contactless is here

We are also excited to announce that you can now use your credit or debit cards to pay on jet red (as well as jet black of course) as we roll out our contactless technology to these buses! Just ask the driver for your ticket and then instead of giving them cash, you just tap your card - it's as easy as buying a coffee!

enjoy your journey more - free WiFi

You can also make more of your journey on jet red with free WiFi on both routes. Simply connect to the on-bus network, accept our Ts&Cs (no need to give us an email address or answer questions!) and start surfing - it's that simple. Connect with your friends, catch up on work - do all the things you can't do when driving!