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News about changes to concessionary travel from 1 April 2017

Click here to find out how your journeys are affected.  

Getting you to the match

We run lots of football buses to the Madejski Stadium to make sure that we can get you to the game on time. 
The fares for football buses are different from our core services, so our normal tickets and simplyBus smartcards will not work on them (although concessionary passes will).

New simplyMatchday smartcards for the 2016/17 season

For the 2016/17 season, we are bringing football to our smartcards. Our new simplyMatchday smartcards give you all day travel on football match days including non-football buses (except F1 shuttle smartcards). No need for you to carry cash anymore, they are available as 5 days, 10 days or 20 days so the more travel you buy, the more money you save! Buy your simplyMatchday smartcard here.

fares frozen - again!

For the 5th year in a row, we have once again frozen our football fares. This means you will still pay the same price as when you caught the football bus in the 2010/11 season! 

Concessionary passes

With the exception of journeys that start in West Berkshire, concessionary passes are valid on all our football buses. If you get on a football bus within the West Berkshire boundary, due to the changes introduced by West Berkshire Council to their concessionary scheme, you will no longer be able to use a concessionary pass for free travel. You must instead purchase a single fare to the stadium and use your pass for the return journey.

fare zones - more people pay less

Last year we have also restructured our zones - with the Yellow Zone now becoming the Reading Zone and the Blue Zone becoming the Network Zone. This restructure has allowed us to follow the simplyReading and simplyNetwork area of our routes, meaning more of you now pay the lower rate for the bus to and from the match! Make sure you know which zone your bus is in by checking our route maps here.

park and ride for less on the F2

If you live outside of Reading, there's also great ways to save. Use the F2 park and ride shuttle at Shinfield Park and pay even less. The new fares for this year will help you enjoy the match even more knowing you have left your car away from the Stadium and saved money on your travel.
   single  return  group ticket
 adults  £2  £3.50  £5 (up to 4 people travelling together)
 under-19s  £1.20  £1.70  

Network zone fares 

   single fare  return
 adult  £5.00  £6.00
 under-19s  £3.00  £3.50

Reading zone fares

   single fare  return
 adult  £4.00  £5.00
 under-19s  £2.50  £3.00

 F1 shuttle fares (Reading Station - Madejski)

   single fare  return
 adult  £3.50  £4.00
 under-19s  £2.00  £2.50

F20 from Newbury to the Madejski

Find the section where your stop is to know your fare. There are separate fares on the F20 outside of the Reading zone - which starts at Theale, The Crown.
For the F20 bus from Newbury, a variable fare stage is used due to the length of the journey. You can see the fares in the table below. 

between Newbury Bus Station and Piper's Way
   single fare  return
 adult  £7.00  £7.50
 under-19s  £4.00  £4.50

between Colthrop Lane and Theale
   single fare  return
 adult  £6.00  £7.00
 under-19s  £3.50  £4.00

Boxing Day games

If Reading FC are playing at home on Boxing Day, a surcharge is added to all the above fares.

Photos and logos courtesy of Reading Football Club.