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Bus travel is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. The Greener Journeys campaign found that best-used bus services in major urban centres (like Reading) could cut CO2 emissions by 75% or more, compared to equivalent cars. 

Here at Reading Buses we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and already run some of the greenest buses in the UK. With Reading Borough Council, we have invested in the latest fuel technologies to reduce our impact on the environment and improve air quality. We were one of the first to adopt electric hybrid buses and now also run a growing fleet of gas buses using fuel from a carbon neutral bio-methane source.

Our buses and their emissions:

83% have Euro IV engines or better, meeting the very latest green engine standards

38% are ‘ultra-clean’ with 31 electric hybrid and 34 gas powered buses drastically reducing emissions 

Our gas buses produce almost no particulates or hydrocarbons, almost zero carbon and 99% less nitrogen oxide! 

•      Our hybrid diesel electrics are British-built buses which reduce CO2 emissions by around 30%!

We continue to invest in the latest vehicles and customer technology, as well as making buses accessible to the widest possible audience. Most importantly we set out to make them easy to find and use. Over the past two years alone the company has reduced its vehicle carbon emissions by 8% and has ambitious targets to reduce this even further. 

Our fuel:

The gas fuel for our buses is delivered to the depot by pipeline eliminating both the carbon and pollution footprints associated with Diesel fuel delivery trucks!  

All of our other buses run on Bio-diesel mix

Our drivers are given advice and encouraged to adopt Safe and Fuel efficient eco-driving techniques

We are continually building upon our green credentials not only to reduce our impact on the environment, but also to show how green practices can benefit our customers and stakeholders.

Behind the scenes

Solar electricity is generated by panels on the roof of our Great Knollys Street depot and offices

Our bus wash re-circulates waste water

Our ‘planet Reading’ awareness initiative encourages our employees to consider their impact on the environmental both locally and globally 

We have a 'Dry Mixed' recycling scheme in our depot and offices for paper, card, plastic and cans

We have switch off campaigns for lights, power sockets and bus engines after two minutes of idling

Our employees are asked to consider their best way of travelling to and from work. The company provides staff travel on our bus network, dedicated cycling facilities, safe on-site walking routes and later in 2015 will be rolling out priority parking for car sharing and a cycle to work bike purchase scheme. 

We’ve an ongoing commitment to be greener and smarter in everything we do. That’s why we’re continuing to raise awareness of the benefits of bus travel and have set and will monitor our progress against a set of stretching annual targets. We’re also looking at further ways in which we can improve our environmental performance, for example using rain water harvesting.

Our targets 

20% reduction in waste sent to landfill

8% reduction in electricity used in premises

5% reduction in vehicle carbon emissions

2% reduction in water usage

These targets are monitored each period and will be reviewed annually

You can visit the Greener Journeys website ( for more information on the environmental and economic benefits of buses.