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smartcards for occasional travellers

Great value smartcards for those that don't use the bus often

If you only travel occasionally, you can save money by buying multiple single trips in advance - our '-saver10' products let you buy 10 single trips with no expiry date. There's a few different versions, but all are based around the same idea - buy 10 trips in advance and save against the on the day cash fare! 

Have a look below and see which is the right product for you. If you know which want you want, click here to go to our shop and buy!

easysaver 10 - for journeys in Reading (adults)

The easysaver 10 card is designed for those that travel exclusively in the simplyReading area, but don't use the bus that often. Priced at just £16 when bought or topped up online, this gives you an equivalent discount of 40p per trip against the standard adult fare of £2.  
(If you buy or top-up at the bus shop in the Broad Street Mall, the price is £17). 

Getting the easysaver 10 smartcard means you don't have to find the exact change - you just pop the card on the reader and it automatically deducts one trip from your card each time you use it.

boostsaver 10 - for under-19s 

Our boostsaver 10 card is just like the easysaver 10, but designed for our 18 & under 'Boost' customers. If you are 18 & under and travel in the simplyReading area, boostsaver will save you 30p for each single trip you take. Boostsaver 10 is just £12 when bought or topped up online. Just like easysaver 10, boostsaver 10 can be used on any service bus within the simplyReading area.
(If you buy or top-up boostsaver 10 at the bus shop, the price is £13).

how to buy

All of the above products are only available on a smartcard. You can get one online here, or visit our bus shop in the Broad Street Mall. Remember though, it's cheaper online!

How to top up

It's easy to top up your smartcard. Once you've used your 10 journeys (or even before they've run out) you can top-up your smartcard.*

  • Online - Top-up online and the journeys go directly onto your card - its so simple!
  • Visit us - The Reading Bus Shop, Broad Street Mall

* We recommend leaving 24 hours between buying your ticket online and using it on the bus, however in most cases you can top up by 9pm the night before you want to use your ticket and it’ll be ready to touch & go the next day. If you don’t already have a card, your first card bought online will arrive by post within 5 working days.

Where can I use my -saver 10?

Both the saver 10 products can be used on any of our buses within the simplyReading area - you can check out the boundary below.

View a map of our network including the simplyReading boundary >>>