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The coolest buses in the world?

Come and check out what we think are the coolest buses in the world – the claret spritzers run during University term time on the 21a route between the University of Reading and the station.

Whilst the downstairs on these buses appears normal (albeit our standard high-spec with USB charging points throughout) upstairs is a whole other world!Completely refurbished, these buses have been transformed into a vibrant social meeting place designed to give you more fun on your journey. You can chill in one of three zones, each with its own particular theme: 


The STUDY Zone is great for those that want a bit more comfort and space to do their ‘studying. Complete with study lamp and honesty library, booklovers can get lost in any number of fantastical worlds whilst they are whisked to their destination. And for those that really are studying, you can take advantage of our superfast 4G WiFi to browse the web for answers to those really tough questions.


Moving down the bus, you next encounter the PLAY Zone. Here you will find tablets embedded into the tables and preloaded with lots of games for you to play with your mates. If you’re more of an old school games person there’s board games too. You can also show off your building skills with our special Lego tables on some of the buses!


At the back of the bus there’s the LOUNGE Zone fully equipped with a special U-shaped seating booth, 2 contactless phone chargers and, best of all, a Bluetooth mp3 jukebox that you can connect your phone to and play your favourite tunes!

However long your journey is claret spritzer is sure to keep you entertained just don’t forget to get off at your stop! We're sure you have lots of questions about these buses and you can find our FAQ page here.

If you’ve been lucky enough to take a ride on a claret spritzer bus we want to hear from you! Please drop us an email to with:

• What you like & don’t like about the claret spritzers
• What could we do to make them even more fun!