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Christmas and New Year 2017/18

Christmas is coming! And that means we need to let you know what your buses are doing over the Christmas period. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the timetable for your route!

There will be a Christmas timetable leaflet on buses throughout the period which gives you the service level route-by-route to ensure you know what is happening with our buses at Christmas time. 

For Kennections Christmas timetables, click here

why have Christmas timetables?

Whilst we appreciate that many people are still working over the Christmas period (not least in retail and hospitality), many people take time off meaning the demand for services is reduced. 

We look at what has happened in previous years to help inform our timetables to make sure you have enough buses on each of the days to do what you need to do - whilst also ensuring that there are not lots of empty vehicles running around on the roads! This also allows as many of our wonderful employees as possible to spend time with their families too!  

summary day-by-day

Most services will follow the same pattern, with buses generally running to a Saturday or Sunday service throughout the period. 
The main exceptions are: 
  • Christmas Eve - services will finish early with special evening buses running until around 11pm on our 24/7 routes - emerald 5 & 6, purple 17, claret 21 and yellow 26. 
  • Boxing Day will be a special service with buses starting around 8/9am and finishing around 6/7pm.

quick at-a-glance guide

So you can quickly check what most of our buses are doing, the table below shows the day-by-day service level. If for example it says 'Saturday service' you need only look at the normal Saturday times for your bus. Please note, this table covers most services, but there may be variations.  Go to the bottom of the page to find the details for your route.
 Date  service level
 Sunday 24 December (Christmas Eve)  Sunday service - with early finish
 Monday 25 December (Christmas Day)  No buses - have a merry Christmas!
 Tuesday 26 December (Boxing Day)  Special service (based on public holiday times) between 8/9am and 6/7pm
 Wednesday 27 December   Saturday service
 Thursday 28 December  Saturday service
 Friday 29 December  Saturday service
 Saturday 30 December  Saturday service
 Sunday 31 December (New Year's Eve)  Sunday service (extra buses on purple 17!)
 Monday 1 January 2017 (New Year's Day) Public holiday service
 Tuesday 2 January  All routes back to normal

celebrate safely with us for New Year

There's lots of buses on New Year's Eve, with emerald 5 & 6, purple 17, claret 21 and yellow 26 all running through the night - so no last bus! There's a special increased night service on purple 17 too, with extra buses up to around 2.30am, helping to get you home safely after you have rung in the New Year.
Most other services run until around 11pm-12am meaning we can get you to where you need to go before midnight!

stay safe and save money in a group

Our fantastic value group ticket is the perfect way to save money and get home safely over the festive period. Up to four people can travel together all day until 4am for only £6 during the school holidays. Outside of this, the group ticket is £9 normally, but reduces to £6 after 6pm on weekdays and all day during the weekends and school and public holidays. Why not use yours to beat the taxi queues, and prices, with your friends? It's perfect to take you to or from your Christmas parties too!

full Christmas bus times 

We can now reveal the details for each route over Christmas. Click on your route logo below to find a day-by-day summary and also, where applicable, your Boxing Day times. Emerald 6 customers will also find full New Year's Eve and New Year's day timetables as we have amended some journeys to ensure that Tesco depot workers can still get to and from work! Purple 17 customers will also have a New Year's eve timetable as we have laid on extra buses for this popular route!

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Most of our timetables are in pdf format to make them easier to read and print out.
Don't have Acrobat Reader? Download one for free here >>>>