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Summer timetable changes

It's that time of year again where we look at our timetables over summer to see if any of them need changing! We also have some routes that have special 'summer only' timetables - these are the high-frequency routes that have their frequency slightly reduced to reflect the decrease in demand over summer without it having a major impact on customers who are still travelling with us! There is also reduced traffic due to the school holidays.

Below shows the timetables that are changing and what you can expect from each one!

summer timetables from Monday 24 July 

The timetables below will have a slightly reduced frequency over the summer period to reflect the drop in demand - they will increase back to their normal level in September ready for the start of the school year!

emerald 5 & 6

Both the emerald routes will reduce from every 8 minutes to roughly every 10 minutes Monday to Friday. There may be some other minor changes, so make sure you have checked before travelling. 
Click here for the summer timetable for emerald 5.
Click here for the summer timetable for emerald 6 and 6a.

purple 17

Purple 17 will still have buses up to every 7 minutes, but there will be more periods where you may have to wait a whole minute extra! Again, like the emeralds, there may be some other minor changes so make sure you check before travelling.
Click here for the summer timetable.

other timetable changes

lime 2

There are some retimings on lime to align the buses with jet black along the Bath Road to give a more even spread of the four buses per hour. We have also renumbered the buses towards Reading that run via Mans Hill as 2a to make it easier to understand which route the bus will take.
Click here for the new timetable.

claret 21

We have tweaked some times on the clarets to further improve the reliability of the service. 
Click here for the new timetable.

major changes

There are some bigger changes happening to other routes that we thought deserved their own pages! 
There will be route changes on scarlet 9 and 19b as the two services combine in Whitley Wood - find out more including information on tweaks to 19a and c and the withdrawal of service 919 - click here.
Woodley will also see some changes as there will be extra journeys on orange 13 and 14 in replacement of the orange 12, which is being withdrawn due to low usage. Click here for details.