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Solo becomes Boost!

We are changing Solo from Monday 5 September!

It's been three year's since we removed the barriers to young people travelling on our buses and we have seen some fantastic responses as more and more young people use our services. We wanted to make the scheme even better and decided to give it a refresh at the same time!

Boost - the new name for 18 & under

The new Boost scheme was developed in conjunction with students from Reading College as they were challenged to come up with a name and design concept to really capture young people's attention. The winning team came up with the name of Boost - to signify the speed of travel and also reflecting Reading Buses' 'fastest bus in the world' - and the idea to have the design centred around graffiti! This was then developed with our design agency to create the lovely design you can see to the right!

The scheme will still exist with the same rules as Solo - if you are 18 & under, you can take advantage of cheaper fares on bus or online without the need for ID - although if you are at the older end of the age range, it is advised that you keep your college ID on you in case you are asked due to the new extension to Boost mentioned below!

extended Boost - 19-21 year-olds in education

The great news for lots more young people is that Boost is to be extended to allow 19-21 year olds in full time education at a local college or university (see list below) to benefit from lower fares. This is the result of research conducted with Reading University and Reading College and feedback from customers. 

The list of educational establishments for which Boost is valid are:

  • University of Reading 
  • Reading College
  • UTC Reading
  • Newbury College
  • Bracknell and Wokingham College

Customers aged 19-21 must show their valid ID from one of the places above to benefit from the Boost fares - if you do not have ID, you will be asked to pay the appropriate adult fare. 

We are also introducing the concept of ‘challenge 21’ as part of this extension, whereby if a customer looks older than 21 they will be asked to prove that they are either in the 18 and under bracket or that they are 21 and under and in full time education. The final decision will be at a driver’s discretion.

We are aware that there will be some people who have been fraudulently using Solo fares and products due to our 'no-ID' policy. With the advent of our challenge 21 policy for Boost, if a driver (or a member of our bus shop team) thinks that you are over 21, you must be able to produce a valid college or university ID from the list above - this includes using an existing product. 

If you are not able to produce ID when asked, you may not be able to use your product, or get the Boost fare if paying by cash. If you are over 21, please do not try to purchase a Boost product as you will not be able to use it and no refund will be offered for products that have been fraudulently purchased.