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new app updates

We launched our new mTicketing app at the start of September and since then lots of you have downloaded and used it!

More and more customers using mTickets as the easy way to catch the bus and not have to use cash. 

We do recognise that there were a few issues with the original release and we have been working hard to adjust the app to ensure that it works as well as we all want it to!

You can now update your app with V1.2 via the App Store or Play Store to get the newest version.  

What's changed?

We have listened to customers to ensure that we address issues for the app that you have been experiencing! This second release has fixed a lot of the bugs that you have brought to our attention. 

However, it's also been a great opportunity to bring in extra features to make the app even better. Below is a list of the main things we have been working on.

  • Card details can be saved - you no longer have to enter your card details for every £1.90 single fare!
  • Payment processing is smoother
  • Error messages are improved 
  • Real-time map fixes - so you know the live bus times are loading
  • Directional arrows on stops - when searching for your bus stop on the live times map, you can now more easily see which side of the road it is on
  • Journey planner fixes 

what's next?

The next version of the app will look at how we can build more features in. We will obviously also keep building on the current functionality to keep refining the user experience, but we want to have some cool and exciting features that take our app to the next level! 

The first thing we can hint about is being able to see where your buses are in real-time...

Want to help out? Email us at if you would like to help test the next version of the app. We will be in contact with those people in early January with a sneak peek of the app that they can test and help us refine! 

Got any ideas but don't want to help test? That's fine too - let us know via Facebook and Twitter if you have any ideas!