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Meet our Star of the Year 2018

Every year we invite some of our best employees to the ‘Night with the stars’: a glittering ceremony where we celebrate achievement including our Stars of the Month and the announcement our ‘Star of the Year’. We held the event in Reading’s sumptuous Concert Hall.

Throughout the year employees are nominated from all parts of the company for our  Star of the Month award. The winners are chosen for being remarkable and for demonstrating company values including unrelenting customer focus. These people are then put forward into individual categories with a winner selected for engineering, support services and driving star of the year.

And the winners are…

Alan Campbell, 59, was named ‘support star of the year’ for looking after drivers’ welfare by organising and supplying bottled water during a heatwave.

Steve Hamblin, 41, was named ‘engineering star of the year’ for his outstanding skills and bringing a fresh perspective to problem solving and fault diagnosis to the business.

Pratap Shrestha, 38, was named ‘driving star of the year’ for being an excellent role model and ambassador for Reading Buses, who goes out of his way to help customers even when he is off duty.

Our star of the year

And it was Alan who won the title and was crowned ‘Star of the Year’ 2018! He was commended for being an amazing all-rounder who cares about every aspect of his job, for having a consistently good attitude and always being ready to help customers, colleagues and the company.