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Have you got a 5 year old smartcard?

We have recently come across an issue with older smartcards on our system.

When the smartcards were first set up, they were given an expiry of 5 years by the system itself. We are now at the anniversary of the introduction of our new smartcard and ticketing system and so some cards are beginning to 'think' they are no longer valid.

If you bought a smartcard from us around 5 years ago, you may find that it no longer works on the bus. You will need to take some action and do one of the following:

To continue using the same card, please take it to our bus shop in the Broad Street Mall where our lovely customer service guys will be happy to use the system to change the expiry date on the card and get it working again.

If you are unable to go to the bus shop, please ring our friendly customer services team at our depot on 0118 959 4000 and they will work through with you to get a replacement card sent out straight away by first class post.

Due to the technical nature of the system, we are unable to change the expiry date on the card using our online shop. 

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this. 

We are looking into upgrading the system to ensure that new cards will have a longer expiry on them going forward.