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Get ready for our brand new app

After we asked for help testing our brand new app, more than 150 of your came forward to help test it!

This testing and feedback has meant that we are now able to launch our brand new app which is available to download now.

download new app - you need to create a new account

why a new app?

We have changed suppliers for our app which means that we will no longer be using the old system. Our new app developers are industry experts and have produced a brilliant app that we know you will all love - the majority of our testers did!

what's in the app?

Our current app has been a great success, with tens of thousands of downloads, but we know there are some fundamental issues within the system which is stopping us from taking it to the next level.

The new app will feature all the great features of the current app including live times, bus tracking and mobile tickets as well as including new features such as route timetables and the ability to track multiple bus routes from the same stop.

The new app will provide a much more robust platform and allows us to build on the fantastic ideas generated from both customers and colleagues to keep pushing the boundaries of bus industry technology.

What's great is there is now an events and destinations guide which will outline fun activities and days out you can enjoy by bus.This is then coupled with a much improved journey planner function as well as timetables within the app itself.

We are also delighted that on our major corridors, you can now see all buses that run past your stop so you can see at a glance where your next bus is – for example Oxford Road users coming into town can now see sky blue 15 and 16 as well as purple 17 to give them more options without having to dip in and out of routes.

To check out how to use the new app, read our guide here

tracking buses - Android

We're currently working with our developers to improve the look and feel of routes and services displayed on our app in the 'track my bus' feature. Unfortunately, we have come across a couple of display issues on the Android version for this feature where the route doesn't snap to the road neatly. This will be fixed within the next couple of days. 

This doesn't impact the display for the iOS version of the app.

new app, new account

As this is a brand new app, not an upgrade of the existing one, when you download it, you will need to create a new user account. This obviously means that if you currently have any mTickets, then they won't migrate over to the new app. 

current app switch off

Obviously with the new app being launched, this means that we will no longer be using the old system. We will leave the current app as it is until the end of July, when it will then be switched off. Between now and then, we encourage people to switch over to using the new app, especially for any new mTicket purchases. 

At the end of July, we will switch the old app off, meaning you will need to have used any mTickets on that system by then. After the app is switched off, you will no longer be able to use any tickets on the old app. 

still working on...

There are a few extra things that our brilliant developers are still working on:

  • Live bus times - while you can see where your bus is on the app, our developers will soon introduce live bus times to display next to the scheduled time
  • Vehicle information - soon you will be able to see the times of each individual vehicle on the map

new website coming soon!

Hot on the heels of the new app will be a new website that has been optimised for mobile viewing! It will also include interactive maps for each route that users will be able to click onto and see their live times. We are aiming to launch our new, improved website a week after the app.