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Timetable and fare changes in Newbury & Thatcham

There are some changes coming in the Newbury and Thatcham area from Monday 24 April as we make it even easier for you to get from A to B on our buses! We are aligning our Kennections 101 and 102 services with jet black so you can use even more buses between these two towns - with buses combining to give you a service every 15 minutes between Newbury, Thatcham and the West Berkshire Community Hospital. What's more, there will be some great introductory fares offers too!

fares changes - and offers!

jet black

There will be minor changes on jet black just outside of Reading as we align some fares. The great news for customers in the Newbury and Thatcham area is that this means the adult day ticket price is being reduced from £4.30 to £4 - so if your return ticket within the simplyNewbury & Thatcham zone is currently more than £4, it will reduce from this date. 

Kennections 101 and 102

Kennections 101 and 102 services will have their fares aligned to jet black to ensure that you can use your tickets between all three services. This will mainly affect adult fares - with boost customers seeing very minor changes. We are also removing the Hambridge Road fare stage to align these services with jet black so that you can use your return ticket on any service as long as you return to the same fare stage. 
Click here to see the new fares for these services

special offers - coming soon 

With the alignment of fares, there will be some customers who see their single or return fares increase. However, we are shortly going to announce some special offers to help with the transition of these fares. This is starting with the simplyNewbury and Thatcham day ticket price being reduced to £4 - currently an adult return between Newbury Bus Station and Thatcham Broadway is £4.20 on Kennections 101/102. There will be more offers announced soon so keep checking back! 

new times - every 15 minutes between Newbury and Thatcham

We have worked on all three timetables for jet black, Kennections 101 and Kennections 102 to ensure that we can now offer an even better service between Newbury and Thatcham. These services combine to give you a bus every 15 minutes Monday to Friday during the day between Thatcham Broadway, West Berkshire Community Hospital and Newbury Bus Station. And as you can use your tickets on any service, you can get between Newbury and Thatcham 7 days a week and later into the evening as well!
For a full departure list of all buses between Newbury and Thatcham, click here

jet black

Your jet black buses run every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday and late into the evening as well. They also give you an hourly service on Sundays.
Click here for the new timetable

Kennections 101/102

Kennections 101/102 run hourly Monday to Saturday. Kennections 101 runs via North Thatcham (using Sagecroft Road) and Kennections 102 via South Thatcham (using Ilkley Way). Both combine between Pound Lane and Newbury to run every 30 minutes and both visit the West Berkshire Community Hospital along with jet black.
Click here for the new 101 timetable.
Click here for the new 102 timetable.

Tickets and validity

Please note, the only tickets valid on jet black or Kennections 101/102 are Reading Buses simplyNewbury and Thatcham products or West Berkshire Connect tickets. Any ticket from other operators are not valid.
For the rest of the Kennections services, Reading Buses products (e.g. simplyNewbury & Thatcham products bought on 101/102 or a simplyNetwork product) are not able to be used - only West Berkshire Connect tickets are valid. Again, any ticket from other operators are not valid.