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Drive or push?

When he is not driving a bus, Adam Hales is one of the world’s ‘strongmen'. Adam, who has been a regular on the strongman calendar for the last seven years, has just competed in the World’s Natural Strongman competition in Hungary on October 14. 

See the ‘strongman’ in action below!

We are arranging a fun competition for him to pull one of our double-deck buses – we will be setting up a justgiving page soon, so you can be part of donating to our Charity of the Year. Watch this space!

Other strong achievements!

He currently has the highest ranking in any national competition for his weight and is the British record holder for maximum weight lifted on the log (130kg) and deadlift (300kg). 

He finished fourth in the world in this inaugural open weight competition in Hungary in March, which was a showcase for the Olympics, and attracted 24 competitors from all over the world.

Adam is ranked third in the world in his weight class, under 90kg, after finishing third at the World’s Strongest Man competition, under 90kg, last September in Helsinki.

He also has set his sights on a place in the British Olympics squad if the natural strongest man becomes a guest sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.