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Contactless comes to Kennections

A beautiful day in Newbury on Thursday 1 June saw us officially launch Contactless payments on all our Kennections services. 

The event, in partnership with West Berkshire Council, saw us have a jet red bus on Northbrook Street to promote all the wonderful things customers can expect when travelling with us! 

Contactless and more ways to pay

After a successful trial in the local area on jet red 101 and 102, Contactless has now been rolled out across the Kennections network, meaning you can pay for your travel with your Contactless enabled bank card. You can also use Apple Pay and Android Pay as well! 
You can also use our Kennections app to buy mTickets for your travel - which now include all West Berkshire Connect tickets. Simply download the app for free in the Play (Android) or App (iPhone) stores - search 'Kennections' - and click 'm-tickets' to see the list of products. You can buy:
  • simplyNewbury & Thatcham tickets - valid for travel on jet black and jet red between Thatcham & Newbury
  • simplyNetwork tickets - valid for travel on all of jet black and jet red and the rest of the Reading Buses network
  • West Berkshire Connect tickets - valid for travel on all our Kennections services (depending on which ticket you buy - the 'Urban' tickets are not valid on sections of some routes) - see the West Berkshire website for full details of what ticket is valid on which service! 
Once you have your mTicket, simply scan it on the reader on our buses every time you board!
And of course, you can still get our great value smartcards for jet red and jet black which can be bought online here. Our simplyNewbury & Thatcham weekly ticket is just £10!

never wait at a bus stop again - download the Kennections app

As part of our activity in Newbury, we were also telling people about the Kennections app, which allows you to get live times for your favourite bus stops and tracks your bus live on a map! 
Using these features means you never need to wait at a bus stop again - just check where your bus is and leave the house/pub/coffee shop/work when you need to, giving you more time to do the things you want rather than worrying where the bus is!
Tracking your bus couldn't be easier - simply click on 'track my bus' and find your service. 
Click into your service and you will see a map of the route and a circle with the bus numbers moving about on the map - see the image to the right for an example. 
Click on the bus and you can bring up a list of stops showing where the bus has been, its scheduled time, the actual time it has been at previous stops and the predicted time for the subsequent stops. This means you can see when it is due at your stop - as well as then seeing it move on the map to have absolute certainty that it is coming!

don't forget - every 15 minutes between Thatcham and Newbury 

As we had a jet red bus on display, it seemed silly not to promote our jet red and jet black combination providing a 15 minute frequency between Newbury and Thatcham during the day Monday to Saturday. The services combine to give you later buses running until the evening and buses running 7 days a week! 
Head over to our jet red page to find out more about these great services!