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Changes to Mereoak park & ride

There will be a new barrier installed at Mereoak park & ride from Monday 3 April. This means that from this date, you will need a valid ticket to scan yourself (and your car!) out of the car park when leaving.

The daily parking charge for the site is £1 if you do not use the bus and 50p if you do. If you do not use the bus, your parking ticket must be bought at the machines on site. If you do not have a valid ticket to scan for exit, you will not be able to get out!

If you have a ticket that includes parking, you just need to scan it on exit and the barrier will open and let you out - so don't forget to keep your ticket with you at all times. 

Please note that there will be changes to other greenwave fares from the same date - full details can be found here

using the buses at Mereoak park & ride

If you park at the Mereoak site and use the bus, your daily parking charge is just 50p. This charge is included in most tickets bought on the bus so you don't have to worry. The tickets below show if they don't include parking.

   single  day return  2 together*  group+  greensaver 12
 adult  £2.00  £4.00  £5.50  £5.00  £20.00†
 boost (18 & under)  £1.40  £2.00†  n/a  n/a  n/a
* 2 together only available Monday to Friday before 9.30am
+ group ticket valid for up to 5 people (max 3 adults), available to buy after 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day weekends. Not valid on football or rugby.
† If parking at Mereoak and using the bus, you will need to buy a 50p parking ticket from the driver (n.b. single fares are assumed to be for people getting lifts so do not include parking)

smartcard fares - save time and money

We are also be introducing a new set of 'Mereoak parksaver' smartcard products which include the daily 50p parking charges - these products are single journeys bought in bulk with a discount. So a parksaver 10 gives you 10 single journeys. These are:
  • Mereoak parksaver 10 - £16.80
  • Mereoak parksaver 20 - £33.30
  • Mereoak parksaver 40 - £65.50
These products will be available shortly. Please keep checking back for details.
You can still use your existing greensaver and greenpass (and Reading Buses) smartcards on the Mereoak park & ride buses, but you will need to pay 50p per day for your parking. This is bought from the driver after you have scanned your smartcard for travel.

Reading Buses tickets

You can also still purchase our standard simplyReading and simplyNetwork tickets on these buses with parking included:
  • Adult simplyReading day ticket - £4.50
  • simplyReading group ticket (peak - before 6pm Mon-Fri) - £9.50
  • simplyReading group ticket (off-peak after 6pm Mon-Fri, all day weekends, school and public holidays.) - £6.50

daily parking charge

When parking at Mereoak, you must pay for parking either on the bus if using the park & ride service or at the machine if not using the bus. The daily charges are 50p for bus customers and £1 for others. Most bus products include the parking charge already. 
You must ensure that you have a valid ticket with a QR code on to scan when exiting the site otherwise the barrier will not let you out!