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Changes to Kennections buses

Now that we have had some experience running the Kennections routes since September, we have been working with West Berkshire Council to see what improvements we can make based on our observations as well as customer and driver feedback. We hope that these changes will increase our customers experience of these routes - if you have any suggestions for future improvements, feel free to let us know!

We have outlined the changes for each route below and have provided a link for you to access the new PDF timetable.

tickets valid on these services

We have also had lots of instances of people trying to use Kennet Bus tickets on these buses - please note that Kennet Bus is not operated by us and therefore those tickets are not valid on our vehicles. The only other non-Reading Buses tickets we accept are West Berkshire Connect Tickets. 

service 2/2a - Newbury > Wash Common 

There are quite a few re-timed journeys on these routes. Some have changed by a few minutes, but some have been retimed by 10 minutes or more. 

Check out the new timetable here.

service 3/3a/3X - Newbury > Hungerford

Some journeys have changed their number, whilst some have been retimed.

Get the new timetable here.

service 4/4a/4c - Newbury > Lambourn

There are no changes to these services.

service 5 - Newbury > Donnington (via Newbury College)

The Newbury Rail Station to Newbury College section in the morning journey will no longer run. 

The evening journey will now start from the Bus Station - it will no longer run from the memorial via the college.

Find the new timetable here

service 6/6a - Newbury > East/West Ilsley

The first morning journey will be 10 minutes earlier.

The new timetable can be found here

service 8 - Newbury > Greenham (and Wash Common)

Some retimed journeys for service 8. The last journey on Saturdays now departs from the Bus Station as service 2.

Check out the times here

non-Kennections buses

service 101 - Newbury > Thatcham (via Northern Estates)

Some times have been changed for service 101.

Times are available here

service 102 - Newbury > Thatcham (via Southern Estates)

Some journeys have been changed for service 102.

Times are available here