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Changes to greenwave

There are some changes coming to greenwave from Monday 2 October. Most of the changes are fairly minor with the biggest changes happening on the Green Park and Mereoak services - read below to see what's changing on your route.

New route - Kenavon Drive to Rivermead Leisure Centre

As part of the greenwave changes, there will be a new route - called 'Buzz' and numbered 42 - that will run between Kenavon Drive and Rivermead Leisure Centre. Click here for full details.

Mereoak Park and Ride changes - improved RBH service and half price P&R to Green Park

The peak time buses will broadly remain the same, with the off-peak service Monday to Fridays reducing slightly. This will allow for an improved direct service to the Royal Berkshire Hospital!
The weekend timetables are also broadly the same as current, but there will be some minor changes to the Saturday morning journeys.
For Green Park customers, there is also the option now to take advantage of a half price offer to use the park & ride to get to and from work! For just £2 per day, you can park at Mereoak and get the 63 bus to Green Park - with the parking charge included.

Click here for the new timetable.

Green Park changes

The main change to the Green Park service is that buses will now visit Lime Square all day on Saturdays.
There will also be some very minor changes to the Monday to Friday timetable.
Fancy a cheaper way to park and ride? From 2 October until the end of the year, you can park at Mereoak park and ride and get the 63 bus to lime Square for just £2 a day including parking!
Click here for the new times.

Kennet Island changes

Just a few minor tweaks to times.
Click here for the new timetable.

RIBP changes

Like Kennet Island, there are some very minor changes.
Click here to get the new times.

Madejski Park & Ride changes

Another service with very minor changes!
Click here for the timetable.