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Changes to 19a and 19c

The nineteens have already seen the 19b extended to Whitley Wood and now there will be further changes to the 19a and 19c from Monday 4 September.

The nineteens 19a and c – will be renumbered, rerouted and retimed. We currently operate this service on behalf of Wokingham Borough Council to provide a service between Silverdale Road, Woodley and the Royal Berkshire Hospital.  

The Council have extended the contract on this service for a further year whilst a longer term tender process is undertaken to decide the long term future of the route. 

The Council’s Executive members have extended funding for this service for the next year in order to retain an hourly off-peak service for residents of both Silverdale Road and Woodley.

The nineteens in their current form will cease to exist from 4 September and the 19a/c will become orange 12 - not to be confused with our old orange 12 between Reading and Woodley Centre!

The route of the service will broadly be similar to the 19a/c route, but will no longer be circular - terminating at Culver Lane. Buses will no longer run along Church Road. 

Depending on where you live, you may be able to use purple 17 or the lion 4/X4 if you live near Wokingham Road or orange 13 or 14 if you live in or around Woodley, which are more frequent services.

You can see the route map here

The timetable will also change with the service becoming hourly in each direction.

You can see the timetable here

As part of the changes, the 19b will be renumbered to 19 from the same date.