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Catch the Bus Week Winners

We had a great Catch the Bus Week, which involved promoting buses as a great way to travel and trying to encourage people to try the bus! We did loads of great things - including competitions and free tickets - our round-up is below.

#busbecause - the winners

For Catch the Bus Week, we ran the social media competition 'bus because.' This involved you telling us the reason that you use the bus - using the hashtag #busbecause. We wanted some great reasons that could be shared with people who might not use the bus for whatever reason and maybe encourage them to give it a try!
We had a lot of great entries and it was really hard picking a winner - so we whittled the entries down and ended up with one main winner and five runners up! Check out their reasons for using the bus below.

The winner

We loved this from Christine Bullion on Facebook - a new bus user who enjoys being able to relax on her way to and from work! 
Christine wins a 30 day smartcard for her great response.

the runners up

Each of these could have been a winner on another day - well done to all and keep spreading the message about bus travel!

a successful free ride Sunday via our app

We also gave everyone the chance to travel all day for free using our app on the Sunday of Catch the Bus Week. We have thousands of free journeys used and it was a great way to encourage you all to travel by bus! The ticket appeared on the home screen of the app and then just had to be scanned every time you got on the bus - simple!
This is the second free Sunday we have done since introducing the app, so it's definitely worth having on your phone - and you can also use it to track your bus in real time too.

bus boards spreading the message

And, of course, it wouldn't be Catch the Bus Week without us having the message on the side of a bus! We had two buses running around giving you reasons to use our services - such as in the picture below telling you to "try a better way to the gym."
Did you see them out and about during the week? We can't wait for next year - but in the meantime we will be doing everything we can to promote bus travel and ensure that everyone uses the #busbecause it's a great way to travel!