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buy in advance and save

Check out fares below - and click here when you are ready to buy!

Whilst you can buy tickets on the bus (click here for details), the best way to save money is to buy online in advance! We operate an exact fare policy, meaning our drivers don't give change. This helps to keep buses on time and our drivers safe - so it's better to use a smartcard. 

Our smartcards can be bought and topped up online or at our bus shop in the Broad Street Mall, Reading. Please note that the prices at the Reading bus shop are different to the online price - you always get the best fares online.

Our smartcards come in three different formats: period, multi-trip and e-purse. 
Period tickets - come in 7, 30, 90 and 365 day variants (academic year for Boost products). These are valid for the number of consecutive days specified from first use on the bus. 
multi-trip - available as easysaver or boostsaver variants. Load 10 single journeys onto the card which is discounted against the single fare on bus. Great for occasional users as there's no expiry!
e-purse - load cash onto the card and use it to pay the driver. No need to carry change!
All our products are generally valid on buses in the simplyReading area which is most of our buses except sections of jet black, lime 2, leopard 3/10, lion 4/X4, pink 25 and service 7 - click for a map of the network including the simplyReading boundary).

We are also changing our Solo fares - you can read more about that here, but Solo is now being renamed as Boost! It's also being extended to allow students at Reading University, Reading College, UTC Reading, Newbury College and Bracknell & Wokingham College to take advantage of the cheaper fares up to 21 as long as they show valid ID from their university or college. We will be operating a challenge 21 policy - so if you look older, you will need to show a valid college or university ID otherwise you will be charged the appropriate adult fare!

Find out more about Boost here

'appy' changes - including frozen fares on mTickets!

As part of the changes, we have launched our new app for smartphone users! This new app allows you to buy your bus tickets on your phone, meaning no need to fumble for change any longer! Simply register an account, choose your ticket, pay by card and away you go! The mTickets are activated on your phone and then scanned by the ticket machines. As a special introductory offer, the single fares on the app will be the pre-fares change price (£1.90 for adults and £1.40 for Boost) and the simplyReading 7 day tickets will be just £15 for adults and £11 for Boost customers - same as online prices! 

Please note, if you run out of battery before you board the bus, you will have to buy another ticket before being allowed to board. Allowing your battery to run out when using an mTicket and asking to travel would be like asking the driver to let you travel if you left your pass at work!

Check out all the fares available below:

   single  day  7 day  60-minute transfer
 adult  £1.90  £4  £15  £2.50
 Boost (18 & under)  £1.40  £2.50  £11  £2

simplyReading area - covering most of urban Reading

The simplyReading area is our 'main' zone with most of our buses operating wholly within this area. 

   7 day  30 day  90 day  365 day  -saver 10
 adult  £15  £57  £155  £575  easysaver 10 £16
 Boost (18 & under)  £11  £42  £118  £350*  boostsaver 10 £12
*Boost academic school year - not valid for 365 days.  

simplyNewbury & Thatcham

The simplyNewbury & Thatcham zone covers jet black and routes 101 and 102 between Newbury and Thatcham. 
For specific jet black fares, please see the simplyNetwork section below.
We have new, special offers for customers in Newbury and Thatcham to celebrate the launch of jet red! 
   7 day  30 day
 adult  £10  £40
 Boost (18 & under)  £7  £28

simplyWokingham & Bracknell

The simplyWokingham & Bracknell zone covers the leopard between Wokingham and Hogwood Industrial Estate and the lion between Bracknell and Drome Path/Cavendish Gardens
For specific lion 4/X4 information, please see the simplyNetwork section.

   7 day  30 day  90 day  365 day
 adult  £15  £57  £155  £575
 Boost (18 & under)  £11  £42  £118  £350 (academic year)


The simplyBracknell area covers the lion between Bracknell town centre and St Anne's Hotel.

   7 day  30 day
 adult  £10  £40
 Boost (18 & under)  £7  £28


If you travel between any of our simply zones, you will need a simplyNetwork pass! These tickets are valid on any of our buses within the entire network.

   7 day  30 day  90 day  365 day
 adult  £20  £75  £210  £830
 Boost (18 & under)   £16  £61  £167  £495 (academic year)